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Saturday, October 24, 2020

The highest risk of spreading corona virus through these 6 surfaces: Research


There is no place inside or outside the house where you can be completely protected from the threat of corona virus. New research has shown that corona spreads from one surface to another. Novel corona viruses can easily spread from one carrier to another. It also spreads rapidly through surfaces, including currency notes. A recent study in Australia found that the corona virus can be transmitted for days and weeks. It is possible that you are currently at risk of being infected with anything you have come in contact with. There are some surfaces through which the risk of corona spreading is highest, the new study says. It is important to be careful when touching these surfaces.

Public transport vehicle windows

Public transport vehicles such as trains, metros or buses are now allowed to move. Special care should be taken while traveling. Although the rules, including social distance, will be strictly adhered to, the windows of these vehicles and their rods or handles made of steel, glass or any other such material can be a breeding ground for the virus at low temperatures. These surfaces are also touched by other passengers, increasing the risk. Therefore, special care should be taken while traveling in public transport.

Currency notes

According to a study by an Australia-based research lab, corona viruses can stay on bank notes and paper currency notes for up to 28 days if the temperature is 20 degrees. If you want to assess the transmission risk, think about how many times a currency note has come into your hands. Importantly, the issue of plastic currency and paper currency has been under discussion since the Corona epidemic began. People are being lured to make digital payments.

Mobile screen

The screen of our mobile can be a carrier of bacteria, viruses and other germs. Our fingers are on the screen most of the time and we take it with us wherever we go. That is why it is necessary to sanitize and disinfect our mobiles. The same risk applies to other gadgets, such as tablets, computers and other screens.

Waiting rooms of hospitals

Adequate attention is always paid to cleanliness and sanitation in hospitals. There is an over-emphasis on hygiene at a time when the Corona epidemic is on. However, the least secure part of the hospital is the waiting room. Estimate how many people will be moving around the room carrying germs and bacteria with them. The more traffic, the greater the risk. Currently going to the hospital is no less risky. Even if you have to go in an emergency, go with a mask, sanitizer, face shield, gloves etc.

ATM screen and button

Everything hangs without money. That is the easiest way to withdraw money from an ATM. However, these ATMs can be home to germs. Buttons and screens of ATM machines in small closed rooms can be dangerous at this time. Therefore, it is advisable to transact online to avoid the risk. If you can't walk without going to the ATM, you should clean your hands thoroughly after coming from there.

Stainless steel utensils

Corona virus may not survive high temperatures but the stainless steel utensils you use at home can be home to germs, including SARS-COV-2. Coin viruses can remain and spread on the surface of stainless steel utensils after currency notes. All stainless steel utensils in your home should be cleaned thoroughly.

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